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You may think your music is playing quietly, but the neighbors disagree

Does Your Partner’s Snoring Keep You Up at Night?

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3 Reasons to Schedule a Consultation at Aloha Hearing Solutions

1. Tired of asking “What?” Get a hearing evaluation here in Phoenix, AZ

If you have hearing loss problems, everyday activities can be impossible. You may experience trouble doing the things you love, such as talking on the phone with family or going to see a movie. With advances in hearing aid technology, it’s never been easier to regain your hearing. You don’t have to make sacrifices because of your hearing anymore! Call Aloha Hearing Solutions in Phoenix, AZ for a consultation.

2. Protect and preserve your hearing health with ear plugs and more

There are at least two reasons to put a hearing device in your ear: to enhance your hearing, or to protect it. Too often do we forget the importance of protecting our hearing health. Preserve your senses by investing in custom-fitted hearing aids today!

Overexposure to loud sounds can lead to tinnitus. To prevent further damage, invest in hearing aids to wear to:

• Sporting events
• Concerts
• Movie theaters
• Water parks/pools

Call Aloha Hearing Solutions in Phoenix, AZ today to get fitted for custom ear plugs.

3. Experience the difference of Hawaiian hospitality with Dr. Kao-Hutt

Our audiologist, Dr. Patricia Kao-Hutt, believes that “Aloha” is a way of life. Did you know that it means “compassion, peace, caring, welcome…” and not just hello or goodbye? That’s why she named her practice after Aloha: to welcome patients back to a world of sound after they suffer hearing loss.

Dr. Kao-Hutt has been working in audiology since 1999. In 17 years of conducting hearing evaluations, there’s not much she hasn’t seen. If you live in Phoenix, AZ and have hearing loss problems, you can trust your hearing to Dr. Kao-Hutt. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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